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'I like this one!' Grell squeals in excitement twirling in a red and black dress

'A dress..?' Bard asks confused

'I think he looks quite pretty' Mey Rin smiles

'But he's a man! And he's supposed to go see his mother! He can't go to his mother and say 'hey! i'm your son'!'

'Oh hush, let him do what he likes'

'65 pounds for a dress..' Bard growls walking down the town's street

'Shh' Mey Rin shushes him, Grell walks around proudly in his black heels and red dress, it showed his shoulders but had sleeves, the skirt was layered with white ruffles and a black bow while his hair was in a ponytail

'I fell beautiful' he smiles

'You make any woman look ugly' Mey Rin says

'Maybe we should stop here, it's getting dark' Bard points out staring at the sky

'But we can't stop now!' Grell pouts

'It's getting dark, we humans need the sleep'

'Wait... You... Know?' he asks worriedly, they all nod

'Who told you??' he squeals, they shush him and walk in the nearest hotel, they ask for a room and walk inside of it

'We figured it out ourselves, Sebastian is a demon, and you're a reaper'

'How did you figure it out though??'

'Sebastian is kind of obvious, I mean no human can not sleep or eat and talk about a contract with the master and well with you we overheard you talking'

'Oh...' Grell says

'We better get some sleep, Grell?'

'I'll stay up' he smiles 'I'm not tired'

'Alright' Bard says, they get into bed and turn the lights off, as soon as they all fell asleep Grell walks out of the room and closes the door quietly, he goes to the nearest window and jumps on the roof, staring at the moon

'I was wondering where you were...' a voice booms behind him, Grell squeals, it's William

'Hehehe... Hi William...' he greets

'Where were you?? You're supposed to be doing work!! And why are you in a dress??'

'I'm looking for my mother'

'Your mother?? She's dead Grell remember??'

'No she's not! I was in the department and was looking through some of the cinematic records, I saw the one under my name and I found my mother's page, the writing was still writing' complete silence comes upon, William stares at him in shock

'Your mother is... alive? After all this time??'

'She's a demon apparently, that explains how easily I got to become a reaper'

'But still, you need to get work done, you can't depend on me to do your work all the time'

'I'll start reaping again after I found mother' he says

'Very well. You better keep that promise'

'I will, and the dress suits me right? I think I look amazing' he smiles showing off his dress, William sighs

'I shall let you deal with this alone, I want you back in three days, not a day more' and disappears, Grell sighs sitting on the roof

'I miss Sebas-chan' he thinks to himself

'Why are you wearing a dress...'

'SEBAS-CHAN??" he screams in surprise, he backs off and falls off the roof, Sebastian jumps down grabbing hold of Grell and lands on his feet with Grell in his arms

'You alright?'

'Y-Yess...' he answers dizzily, Sebastian carries him back up on the roof

'Sebas-chaan! You came for me!' he squeals hugging him

'No... I just came to see how things were doing' Sebastian simply answers taking Grell off of him

'What happened to your clothing?'

'I fell in water!!" he squeals 'So Bard bought me this dress' he smiles

'I really like it, and I think it looks beautiful on me' he twirls in it

'Sebastian get back down' a voice orders

'Yes my lord' he grabs Grell and jumps back down of the roof, Ciel stands in front of him

'Ciel?? Why are you here??'

'Do you really think I'd let a reaper take my servants and go on without me?' he sighs, he walks into the hotel with Sebastian

'A room' he orders, the man nods and takes him to one

'Grell why are you in a dress..' Ciel asks

'Everybody is asking me that! I just like the dress!' he squeals, Ciel sighs

'When we get out of here I'm banning you from getting close to my mansion, now go back to your room.'

'I'll go for a walk' he says, and closes the door, Sebastian stares at Ciel, he sighs

'Follow him' he orders
I think grell would look really pretty in the dress...

WARNING: Yaoi. Don't like? GTFO

FrodoBaggins1051 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Grell in a dress!!! amazing!
BlackHotelisBizarre Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
ehehe c,:
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