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June 3, 2012
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'A reaper wants us to come with him to find his mother? Can't he go by himself?' Ciel asks sipping his tea

'Well he could young master but he seems to want us to come along'

'I refuse, I don't waste my time for such a thing'

'EEHH? Master! A mother is very important to any child!' Mey Rin gasps

'Yes but he's capable of finding her on his own, I have more important things to do'

'M-More important things to do?' a voice sobs behind them, Grell stands in the middle of the doorway trying to hold his tears

'Fine, I'll go by myself, if you're going to be this selfish' he growls, he turns around and walks away

'Bocchan, it appears you have hurt his feelings'

'That isn't my problem'

'Please forgive us master but we'll go with Grell!' Mey Rin stutters as the servants bow

'No you will not! I haven't gave you permission!' Ciel scolds

'His mother must be very important to him young master, and he's asking us for his help, so.. We want to go with him!' Finny adds, Bard nods, they bow and walk out of the room, Ciel bangs his fist on the table

'That reaper is stealing my servants!!' he growls, Sebastian grabs hold of his master's fist

'Bocchan, pardon my interruption but I believe strongly that we should help Mr Suttcliff'

'Sebastian we're not helping him whatsoever'

'Alright my lord' Sebastian sighs

'Thank you for helping me' Grell's face lightens up as the servants gather around him

'Grell' Sebastian calls, he walks down the stairs towards the reaper

'Bocchan isn't happy about this but if trouble comes and it gets too much you can call my name and I'll be there to protect you' Sebastian smiles lightly

'You'd do that for me Sebas-chan??'

'It's Sebastian...' he hisses

'And I do not see why not' he smiles

'But unfortunately I'll have to stay here with young master, but I shall keep my promise' he smiles, Grell smiles

'Ohh.. Sebas-chan..'

'Let's go Grell' Bard says grabbing hold of his wrists dragging him out of the door

'Thank you Sebastian!' Finny calls, Sebastian smiles, and they close the door

'I am disappointed in you Sebastian...' Ciel sighs, the butler turns towards him

'I ordered you to take my servants back not let them go'

'But I couldn't, I'm deeply sorry bocchan' Ciel slaps him across the face and walks back to his office
I think this story will be kind of cute :,)

WARNING: Yaoi. Don't like? GTFO

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littleshadow3 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student Artist
God! he pisses me off sometimes, he can be such a bitch!
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I agree.
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