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'Young master you have definitely gotten taller' Sebastian points out

'Yes I know' Ciel sighs staring at himself in the mirror

'I'm probably two inches taller than Sir Trancy is' he notices, Sebastian smirks

'You've received a letter from the Trancy Mansion' Ciel looks a him 'It seems to be another invitation'

'Invitation to what? A ball?'

'I don't have the slightest idea, why don't you read it bocchan?' Sebastian hands the letter over, he rips the envelope open and reads it out loud

'Dear Sir Ciel Phantomhive, you are cordially invited to Sir Alois Trancy's 15 birthday party on November 5, at half past six...' Ciel crumples the letter up before he could finish it

'Why young master' Sebastian says

'I'm not interested in going to a silly party'

'Well it is Sir Trancy's 15th birthday'

'It's just one of his little foolish schemes' Ciel sighs

'Why don't you give it a try, November 5th is tomorrow after all young master'

'I might as well, just to see how foolish this party will be' he sighs

'Shall we get Sir Trancy a gift?' Sebastian asks smiling

'We might as well, Sebastian, get Alois Trancy a gift' he orders

'Yes my lord' he says bowing to his master

'Ciel Phantomhive' Alois grins as the boy walks towards his door

'Alois Trancy' Ciel humbly sighs

'Is that all you can say to me?'  Sebastian looks at his master nodding slightly, Ciel sighs

'Happy birthday' he adds, Alois smiles

'A gift for you by the Phantomhive mansion' Sebastian smiles bowing passing Alois a green box covered in purple ribbon

'For me?' Alois asks shocked grabbing hold onto the present

'Yes' Ciel sighs

'Claude can I open it??' he asks cheerfully

'Whatever you want your highness'

'Come in' Alois smiles, Ciel and Sebastian walk inside the mansion as Alois sets his gift on the table and opens it carefully

'A snow globe?' Alois asks holding the gift

'Sebastian!! You're making the Phantomhives look bad!!' Ciel scolds

'With the city of Paris in it' Alois smiles 'I love it! Thank you so much Ciel!' he says turning around with the happiest face Ciel has ever seen

'You see young master it appears that Sir Trancy really loves France' Sebastian explains as Alois shakes his globe 'And he enjoys the winter'

'So it seems, I'm glad you like it Alois'
Kinkeey :3

WARNING: Yaoi don't like? GTFO

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